YouTube InVideo Programming: Add Image Watermark & Promote Videos

YouTube New InVideo Programming Features Lets You Add Image Watermark and Promote Videos

If you didn’t know YouTube was silently updated and added new features which lets you Add Image Watermark and Promote Videos. YouTube InVideo Programming settings now includes options for Feature your Channel and Feature a Video. YouTube now lets you easily add your own logo or watermark in your videos without any editing. This way you can brand your videos with personalized logo that will be overlayed for the full duration of the video.

YouTube InVideo Programming Features: Feature your Channel & Feature a Video

youtube new features

YouTube New Features: InVideo Programming - Feature your Channel & Feature a Video

Feature your Channel

Feature your channel like discussed above lets you add channel branding to all of your videos. From there you can customize your own channel avatar and display it on your videos. You can also change your avatar into any image like your company logo, set its position where it should be seen, and edit display time according to your preference.

youtube feature your channel

YouTube Feature your Channel

From this setting, you can upload a custom JPG, non-animated GIF, BMP or PNG file image which should be less than 1MB in file size. Image will reinforce channel branding across all your videos.

Feature a Video

Feature a video lets you feature one of your videos across all of your videos in your channel. This can method can drive a huge burst of views in a video. It is recommended to start doing this to promote the best video in your channel and funnel in some traffic.

youtube feature a video

Youtube Feature a Video

To add a featured video, just select one of your public YouTube videos and paste the link in the “select a video to feature” form.

Where is the InVideo Programming Located?

youtube invideo programming

YouTube InVideo Programming

The YouTube InVideo Programming can be found on your YouTube Settings under the Channel Settings.


Added new YouTube features gives importance to branding which will helps you promote yourself, brand, or company. By using the “Feature a video”, you can double or triple views in your featured video. Both of these new features provide big help to YouTube partners especially those who are consistently adding new videos in their channel.

Why don’t you log in now in YouTube to try and see for yourself these new added InVideo Programming features presenting the “Feature your Channel” and “Feature a Video”. Have fun with this YouTube New features which lets you add image watermark and promote videos effectively.