Zemra Botnet Download

Want to download Zemra Botnet? Here is the Zemra Botnet Source Code that can be compiled and issue DDoS attacks. Zemra is a crimeware pack that is similar to Zeus and SpyEye, where it can be used to implement a DDoS attack using HTTP flood and SYN flood. The botnet first appeared on underground forums and is now sold on various forums. It is currently detected and flagged by Symantec as Backdoor.Zemra.

Zemra DDoS Bot uses a simple panel which shows an overview of all statistics needed. By using the Zemra Task Management, a user can issue DDoS attacks like HTTP flood or SYN flood. In addition, online statistics can be seen in the Botnet GUID, as well as online Socks5 where you can export them to a list. The traffic generated is encrypted and protected using AES, and clients communicated with a unique generated key.

Zemra Botnet Download

A brief functionality of Zemra:

  • Intuitive control panel
  • DDos (HTTP / SYN Flood / UDP)
  • Loader (Load and run).
  • Cheat visits (visits to the page views).
  • USB Spread (spread through flash drives)
  • Socks5 (picks up socks proxy on the infected machine)
  • Update (Updates the bot)
  • 256 Bit AES encryption of traffic from the bot to the server
  • Anti-Debugger
  • Choice of a particular country bots perform the job

Zemra DDos Bot Demo: Zemra DDos Bot in Action

[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/22hKgbnh7XI?rel=0 480 360]

Download Zemra Botnet

Note: Zemra Source Code posted is only for educational purpose, useful for security analyst and security researchers.

Download Zemra Botnet here